Take steps to relieve your foot pain

Considering that the foot is an intricate structure that has 26 bones, nerves, and ligaments, it should come as no surprise that foot pain is a rather common issue. The foot is the foundation of any lower extremity movement. If you experience foot pain, it is an indicator that something is wrong with the internal or external structure of the foot.
Alternatively, there may be a problem with the way the foot is interacting with external influences.

It is possible that injuries, biomechanical conditions, or diseases are the cause of foot pain. The most common causes of foot pain include disease, repeated trauma, or acute trauma. These are often seen in workplace environments that require physical activity and in people who play sports. It is also possible that poor biomechanical alignment leads to foot pain.

Now you know that there are a seemingly limitless number of reasons as to why you might be experiencing foot pain. Does that mean that you are doomed to continue walking around with painful feet? Find out what you can do today to help alleviate the problem.

How does chiropractic help foot pain?

One of the most common causes of foot pain is plantar fasciitis. This means that the plantar fascia ligament that connects to the toes and heel bone is inflamed. The ligament runs along the entire bottom of the foot and is composed of fibrous bands of tissue. With every movement and every step we take, it stretches and contracts. Inflammation may occur with even tiny tears in the tissue.

Oftentimes this leads to an aching, burning pain in the bottom of the foot, right alongside the heel. This is often experienced in the morning, especially because the ligament had time to relax and rest during the evening.

Studies show that plantar fasciitis can be effectively treated with chiropractic care. Using a chiropractic adjustment on the feet is also capable of helping to restore proper range of motion. This is an effective method of promoting healing rather than simply avoiding movements and using ice packs to numb possible discomfort.

How does massage therapy help foot pain?

It should come as no surprise that the arch muscles on our feet are the perfect spot for massage therapy. These are some of the hardest working muscles in the body; just imagine the constant friction that these arch muscles have to deal with. When people complain that their feet feel ‘tired’ or ‘stiff’, it often relates to the muscles. This is one of the most common causes of foot pain.

Having a skilled massage therapist work with patients who struggle with foot pain may include a number of different massages and stretches in order to help balance the muscles throughout the feet. These may include massage strokes, stretching the muscle, sustained pressure, and positioning. A massage therapist can also show their patient how they are capable of massaging their own feet and help them become more aware of their own body movements.

Why it is important to take action for foot pain

The truth is that some foot pain is going to disappear on its own eventually. However, sometime the foot pain that you experience may be indicative of additional, undiagnosed problems. Poor posture leading to foot pain would never resolve itself unless you took steps to learn more about the issue and resolve it.

Especially if you consider there are many different reasons that you have foot pain, it is beneficial to seek treatment for foot pain. This is not just about knowing where the actual pain comes from, but it may also teach you how to be able to prevent it from returning in the future. If you want to find relief for your foot pain today, call Total Back Care on 8357 8211 and schedule your appointment.