How to manage migraines

Migraines are serious headaches that can last anywhere between 4 to 72 hours and will influence that person’s ability to function in their everyday life. Unlike the traditional headache that makes it hard to focus, migraines may be debilitating for the person who suffers from them. Normal activity tends to worsen the throbbing pain that accompanies migraines.

Those who struggle with migraines will often have to call off from work because they experience sensitivity to light or sound and have issues with vomiting and/or nausea. Many Australians report that even with heavy medication, the pain still persists. Despite the fact that Australia has upwards of two million migraine sufferers, the issue often goes untreated or even undiagnosed. The majority of people who struggle with migraines report a reduction in work capacity and social activities. Fortunately, it is often possible to find relief for migraines with the proper treatment.

How does chiropractic help migraines?

Chiropractic treatment for migraines includes manipulating, stretching, and moving the spine. This does not include surgery or drugs. A chiropractor may also advise their patients on a number of lifestyle issues such as managing stress, proper nutrition, and exercise.

While there have not been a large number of studies done on the value of chiropractic care and migraine treatments, the studies that are available show that chiropractic treatment is capable of reducing issues with migraines. Research with more than 2,600 patients across 22 different studies suggests that chiropractic treatment may serve as a good preventative treatment for migraines and a large majority of the subjects responded positively.

Additional studies show that people who are prone to migraines can reduce the number of migraine attacks by as much as 90 percent after chiropractic care. About half of the patients interviewed for the study suggested that if they did experience a migraine, chiropractic care was able to provide them with a significant reduction in pain intensity.

At Total Back Care, we use the Watson Headache Approach to diagnose, treat, and achieve superior results for our patients suffering from migraines. This treatment method is based on clinical experience with more than 7,500 headache and migraine patients spread across 22,000 hours. It is internationally recognized as an unparalleled diagnostic manual therapy approach in relates to treating migraine conditions.

How does massage therapy help migraines?

Over the last few decades, the management of migraine pain has improved dramatically. A massage therapist is able to use massage to relieve tension and manage stress. Those are two of the primary factors that are responsible for migraine headaches. Research found that massage therapy is able to increase serotonin levels in adults with migraine headaches while reducing distress symptoms, sleep disturbance, and headaches attributed to migraines.

Studies show that those patients who struggle with migraine headaches are able to find relief because of massage therapy. Another study with 47 migraine sufferers from 2006 showed that those who received massages slept better and had fewer migraines in the weeks that they received massage therapy.

Why it is important to take action for your migraines

As previously mentioned, migraines are a problem that can debilitate a person, forcing them to take a day off from work or reducing their overall productivity significantly. Sometimes patients notice that their migraines are gone for weeks, possibly even months, only to return with a vengeance later on. If you or someone close to you struggles with migraines, you understand how serious this issue can be. Make sure to call Total Back Care today on (08) 8357 8211 to find out how you can resolve your migraine issues.