How chiropractic and massage can help with Sciatic pain

If you experience symptoms of leg pain and possibly experience tinging, weakness, and numbness that starts at the lower back and continues down the large sciatic nerve in the back of the leg through the buttocks, you may be one of the many Australians that have issues with sciatic pain. In fact, it is estimated that almost 20 percent of all back pain is due to sciatic pain. It is important to remember that sciatic pain is a symptom of an underlying medical condition, not a medical diagnosis in and of itself.

Sciatic pain can vary from constant and incapacitating to infrequent and irritating. The symptoms of sciatic pain can vary widely depending on severity, location, and type. The condition causing the sciatic pain may determine these factors. It is possible to reduce or eliminate the source of the issue altogether though with the right type of treatment.

How does chiropractic help sciatic pain?

Because there are so many different conditions that can cause sciatic pain because of the compression of the nerve roots, each treatment must be individualistic – treated on a case-by-case basis. This means that the chiropractor is going to begin with a complete case history. This means detailing what the pain feels like, what makes it worse, when it started. This is going to require a neurological and physical exam. Because sciatic pain is a nerve compression pain, it means paying special attention to the patient’s legs and spine.

Most of the patients who have sciatic pain respond well to conservative care such chiropractic treatments. It offers a drug-tree, non-invasive (non-surgical) treatment option. Remember that the sciatic pain is a symptom and not an isolated medical condition. Chiropractic care is capable of decreasing inflammation and pain while simultaneously improving function thanks to its ability to restore spinal movement.

Studies show that compared to other traditional treatments, chiropractic care is capable of offering relief for sciatic pain. A randomized double-blind trial revealed that compared to the placebo group, the group that received spinal manipulations noticed drastic reductions in overall pain.

How does massage therapy help sciatic pain?

The sciatic nerve originates in the in the lower back and sacral area and is the longest nerve in the body. Studies have proven that massage can be very effective in reducing sciatic pain. Studies have shown that the release of endorphins is capable of reducing sciatic pain; massage therapy is one way to ensure that the body releases endorphins.

One study on sciatic pain and massage therapy took place amongst 400 different patients. Half of the patients received weekly massage therapy while the other half was able to seek out whatever treatment they thought would be best for them. After 10 weeks, the group of that received treatment for their sciatic pain through massage therapy reported less pain and better overall functioning. When compared, a third of the group that received massage therapy for sciatic pain said that their pain was nearly or completely gone. Only 4 percent of the other group could say the same thing.

Massage therapy can be customized to fit the patient’s needs. This can help improve certain hormones in the body, including serotonin, dopamine, and endorphins. All of these hormones are known for making patients feel better, providing natural pain management, promoting healing, and calming nerves.

Why it is important to take action for your sciatic pain

Despite the fact that most sciatic pain will eventually subside on its own, there are several different methods available to ensure that recovery is sped up. Because there are so many factors that can lead to sciatic pain occurring, it is beneficial to seek treatment for your sciatic pain. Not just to determine what is causing the actual pain, but also to learn how to prevent it in the future. If you are interested in finding sciatic pain relief or at least knowing where it comes from, call Total Back Care today on (08) 8357 8211 to find out more.