How Chiropractic and massage can help with hip pain and bursitis

The human hip joint is a strong bone that is capable of handling a fair amount of wear and tear and repeated motion. It is the largest ball-and-socket joint in the body and fits together in such a way that our hips can move fluidly.

Even though the hip joint is exceedingly durable, continued use and old age can cause the cartilage to wear down or become damaged. It is possible for the tendons and muscles in the hip to become overused. There are a number of different problems that can lead to hip pain, ranging from injury to gradual wear and tear.

When there is an inflammation of the bursa on the prominent bone on the side of your hip, it is referred to as Trochanteric bursitis. The bursa is a small, cushioning sac that is located directly where the tendons pass over areas of bone around the joints. This is one of the most commonly inflamed bursa in the body.

You now know that hip pain can have a number of different causes and can range from relatively minor to debilitating. What are the possible treatment options that you have available if you are experiencing issues with hip pain or bursitis?

How does chiropractic help hip pain and bursitis?

There are studies that show it is possible to use chiropractic care for the treatment of Trochanteric bursitis. It is possible to help restore normal biomechanics to the hip joint through chiropractic adjustments/manipulations. During the treatment phase, it is important to manipulate and stretch the capsular joint restrictions.

By helping to improve coordination in the muscles of the buttocks and hips, it is possible for the femur to move into the socket far smoother. This is going to reduce the friction that is placed upon the bursa. A chiropractor is also able to determine whether there is any other reason for the hip pain. Sometimes pain in the hip can be an indicator of an underlying medical issue. A doctor of chiropractic can reduce inflammation and pain while still helping to restore function in the hip.

How does massage therapy help hip pain and bursitis?

Especially if the hip pain is attributed to Trochanteric bursitis, it is important to have a massage therapist that understands that directly massaging the inflamed bursa may do more harm than good. The only time that massage benefits this discomfort is if the adjacent muscles are tightening or the person experiences muscle spasms.

The soft tissue massage is going to focus on the connective tissue such as fascia, ligaments, tendons, and muscles. It can help alleviate any hip pain, aches, and injuries directly related to soft tissue. One of the primary reasons that massage is successful in the treatment of non-specific hip pain is that it can decrease the joint inflammation, speed up the healing time of strained muscular tissue and ligaments, relax muscles, and increase blood circulation.

Why it is important to take action for hip pain and bursitis

Especially if the pain is attributed to Trochanteric bursitis, it is important to take steps and find out why the pain is there in the first place, and what can be done to resolve it. Even though there are countless examples of hip pain coming and going, Trochanteric bursitis is not going to resolve itself without proper treatment.

Even if you believe that the hip pain that you are experiencing is not because of Trochanteric bursitis, receiving treatment is still able to offer you a number of different benefits that ‘doing nothing’ does not. It can help speed up the recovery process, it can offer you greater range of motion while you are struggling with the discomfort, and it can help reduce the pain.

If you experience hip pain and are unsure whether it might be because of Trochanteric bursitis, make sure that you call Total Back Care today. Our qualified professionals are able to offer relief or at the very least identify the issue. Call today on 8357 8211 and schedule your appointment.